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This is about being wrong.

More specifically it’s about me being wrong…

…all the time.

The question is: If I can’t trust myself then who can I trust?

Maybe you? 

You are invited to be part of an experiment, that might tell us who is right and who is wrong… or at least outsource some decisions about my life that I’m not equipped to make.

I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass but I’m all out of bubblegum. So what should I do next?

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My Performance Work

I’ve made a whole bunch of performances. Just click on one to find out more about it.

(in)CREDIBLE - 2020

About Me

Hi I’m Matt and I’ve been making things happen in rooms full of people since 2005.

Sometimes those things are Stand up comedy performances, sometimes they’re intimate performance pieces, sometimes they’re raucous games in which 300 people do something ridiculous together; but they’re always about sharing the live moment (whatever that means), and mixing absurdity with something meaningful.

I realised a quite a long time ago that I only seem to be able to do anything well if someone’s directly in the room watching me. So collaborative performance seemed like the best way to get my ideas out there. I’m drawn to collective expressions of enjoyment and fun; but I’m also very interested in addressing the world around me. I’m of the firm belief that there are things in the world that are too important to not make jokes out of.

Over the years I’ve been a founder member of 2 touring theatre companies (Chotto Ookii and Uncanny theatre respectively) with whom I’ve received a couple of awards, some nice reviews, and couple of pats on the back for the things we’ve made. In total combining Chotto Ookii, uncanny, various one off collaborations and some solo stuff I’ve made 13 full works and I’m currently working on my 14th.

When I’m not making performance I’m also a photographer for fun (although that sometimes turns into work too)

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I’m always interested in hearing about new opportunities for collaborations, offers to mentor young artists, or just from people who are interested in my work.

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