Chotto Ookii 2006

Where it all began. Our Total Theatre Award winning debut, the success of which facilitated everything else that I’ve done. We explored ideas of loneliness, codependency, and the stories that self delusions that can help us through dark times and destroy relationships through a heightened, abstract and physical style inspired by a mix of contemporary dance, Buffoon and our own plain oddness.

Chotto Ookii’s award winning début showcases their distinctive blend of clowning, choreography and visual spectacle in all of its low-tech glory.

This fast paced and surreal production invites the audience into the mind of a very troubled man. His neurotic rampage is peppered with vacuum cleaner based assaults, disembodied dancing legs and a slightly worrying growth on his neck.

As he begins to lose his tenuous grip on reality; increasingly losing himself in visions of an idyllic past, we start to realise that he may be losing more than just his mind.

There are moments of heartbreaking originality as they wordlessly bicker or nail their hands together to show their violent, inescapable passion.

It’s not just the wonderful visual images that make this show but the way Chotto Ookii tell stories in words and movement, their bodies growing two heads or evoking powerful emotions through the tiniest gestures

The Stage

” What an excellent piece of theatre, done in the most simple way and yet stunning and unforgettable and what outstanding choreography. If I could, I’d give six stars!

For posterity, here is “And Even My Goldfish” in it’s entirety. Performed in an inappropriately small basement and recorded in janky 2006-o-vision. Enjoy.

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