That Matt Rogers Project 2020

This is about being wrong, more specifically it’s about me being wrong… All the time.

If I can’t trust myself then who can I trust? 

You are invited to be part of an experiment, that might tell us who is right and who is wrong… or at least outsource some decisions about my life that I’m not equipped to make.

I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass but I’m all out of bubblegum. So what should I do next?

Matt Rogers is an award winning performance maker who has been making work that fuses elements of games mechanics and striking visuals in surprising, comedic and thought provoking ways since 2005. Inspired by John Carpenter’s 1988 classic “They Live!” and the field of experimental psychology (in)CREDIBLE marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase in his practice; inviting the audience to shape both the performance and how Matt spends the rest of his life

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