Instructions For A Better Life

Uncanny Theatre 2013

An experiment in fusing clown, narrative theatre and live art elements into one cohesive performance. This performance marked the beginning of uncanny’s obsession with games, and set in motion many of the next few years developments.

Instructions for a better life was all about us, everyone that is, thinking that something is true when it isn’t. It’s a true story.

It’s a look at what people believe without question and an attempt to unpick the oddity of what we think we think.

Part thriller, part comedic romp through human psychology, Uncanny Theatre stretch logic to breaking point in a show that’s visually arresting and absurdly funny in all of its low-tech glory.

The rules are simple, and with a little luck you’ll be all right. Then again, why should you believe us?

Our second show was our attempt to explore the ways in which individuals accept ideas as fact without scrutiny. The thought that once a source of information is trusted it no longer needs to be questioned is one that can underpin many prejudices within society. So through the show we created an absurd world in which superstitions were accepted as fact and enforced; this was our riff on the often arbitrary nature of prejudice and privilege.

To go along with that we created  a distinctive low-fi shadow aesthetic integrating cinematic framing devices, transformative staging and elements of illusion. We liked the idea that we could get people to buy into something whilst at the same time showing them that it wasn’t real.

“This is a company that indulges its own daftness and enjoys it. If it continues to do so, audiences will continue to enjoy the indulgences.”

Yorkshire Evening Post

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