Uncanny Theatre 2011

Uncanny’s first show, born as an abstraction of a  brief conversation in a bar with Natalie Bellingham. The provocation that I put forward: “Is there any kind of human behaviour that you find strange or self destructive?”

Natalie looked around the bar and said “That” referring to a young woman who looked deeply uncomfortable in what she was wearing. desperately tugging at the hemline every few seconds as though this time it will make the dress a little bit longer.

Whether it’s actually true of this specific woman of not, this conversation took us on a wild journey exploring the ways in which people sometimes feel pressure to try and be something that they are not in pursuit of acceptance.

The rest is just a mad show about lambs and frog men.

You want to be loved. People love lambs, so…become a lamb. Most people know when they’ve made a wrong decision. But what happens when someone is convinced theirs is the right one? “OPTIMISM” is a twisted tale of desire and self worth told through the eyes of an idiot. 

Blending dark clown with multimedia and unusual physicality, this production is both brutal and dreamlike, presenting a constant stream of unlikely characters, peculiar situations and striking visuals.

Uncanny Theatre’s debut show about self image, the desire to be something other than yourself, and the need to be desired. All through the lens of a woman’s attempt to turn into a farm animal. Big on visuals, metaphors and silly jokes; this is where Uncanny began.

“Basically this show did exactly what it said on the tin. It had me cringing and laughing out loud in equal measure, sometimes simultaneously.”

West Yorkshire Theatre Network

“A kind of absurdity runs through a show which has flashes of inspired moments.

… and gives reason to remain optimistic about the future of Yorkshire theatre.”

Culture Vulture

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