My most recent work with Uncanny Theatre. A look at social media fuelled political rage and its real world effects, explored through the medium of a stupid twitter game, an attempt to make us famous, and the ritualistic destruction of oranges.

Is there really no such thing as bad publicity? Let’s find out…

It feels like the ones who irritate us the most are the ones we talk about, no matter how shocking they get. So Uncanny Theatre have decided to beat them at their own game and have a go at being famous for a change.

With your help, we can stir up enough mayhem on Twitter during the show to finally be a big deal; then maybe we can make things a bit better. What goes into the most controversial show of all time is decided by you in this audacious game of attention seeking. It’s silly, topical and playful…until suddenly it isn’t.

“This is an intelligent, political piece of theatre which is thought-provoking, visually messy, and playfully crazy. It made this reviewer: laugh, smile, feel entertained, angry, shocked, sad, flabbergasted, and impressed.”

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