Something Terrible Might Happen

Uncanny Theatre 2017

“Be afraid. Be VERY afraid”

…is what we feel like we’re being told every single day.

Despite this clear instruction you’re being asked to leave the house (scary), sit in a dark room full of people (terrifying) some of whom you won’t already know (even worse), to see an interactive show involving; knocking on doors, phone calls, and guess who (AAAAAAAAARRRRGH!).

If the world is as petrifying as we’re told it is: how can we trust anyone? How can we ever be safe? Maybe it’s timeto take action. What’s the worst that can happen?

oh yeah…

Something terrible.

Part theatre, part stand up, part childish prank by people old enough to know better; Something Terrible Might Happen is a night of laughing in the face of fear, playing knocka door run and embracing all that we’re afraid of.

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