Chotto Ookii 2009

Chotto Ookii’s final show before we all went in our separate directions. After a stint at the Edinburgh festival and a pair of national tours this (very) loose adaptation of a short story by Mike Dusting was put to bed in favour of our various other projects.

In an era of romantic comedies with happy endings and perfect heroes, Total Theatre Award Winners Chotto Ookii present a bitter take on the saccharine nature of love.

Physical theatre, stunning visuals, puppetry and dance are combined in Chotto Ookii’s inimitable style to produce a hyper energetic tour de force.

One man and his wizened, chain smoking git of a heart, drag themselves out of the mundane into a sugar coated world which is “seemingly” too good to be true.

This flight of fondant fancy quickly dissolves into sinister obsession when the doll like object of his affections meets his gaze through frosted glass.

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