Chotto Ookii 2009

Inspired by the work of Czech Photographer Václav Jirásek This second outing for Chotto Ookii built upon the heightened style that we established for “And Even My Goldfish” and took it to a much grimier, darker place.

We all have our roles,

  We become dependant…

    …addicted to them.

Total Theatre Award Winners Chotto Ookii invite you to a world where insanity is average and consistency is everything.

Beneath the clattering of ancient machinery and dormant furnaces lies a surreal workshop designed solely to feed a strange addiction. But what if your supply chain is dependant on 3 bizarre characters using technology which makes the industrial revolution look… well, “revolutionary”?

When a plague of surprisingly rhythmic vermin threatens the production line, disastrous consequences seem inevitable.

Chotto Ookii continue to test the definitions of Physical Theatre, seamlessly combining elements of clown-like comedy, choreography, puppetry and breathtaking visuals.

In order to ESCAPE…

…you have to WANT to be free.

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